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South Coast Hockey League




All players and team officials must be properly registered with USA Hockey

All teams are required submit an approved USA Hockey roster to the League by September, 1 2022

Rosters will lock on January 1, 2023. Players can no longer be added to the roster or supplemental roster.

Per USA Hockey, a team must start a game with a minimum of six (6) players. Any time a team has been reduced to less than four (4) players, the game shall be declared a forfeit.

Per USA Hockey, a team may have up to four (4) Team Officials on the players bench.Only players in uniform and properly rostered Team Officials may occupy the players bench.

Dual Rostering: Players may be listed on one league roster. Players found to be listed on more than one league roster will be immediately required to be removed from all but one league roster.

Each team must apply preprinted roster labels to the games official scoresheet. Teams that do not use preprinted roster labels on official scoresheets will be fined $50 per occurrence.

Prior to the start of a League game, each team’s head coach shall designate on the scoresheet the players and goalkeepers who are eligible to participate in the game, crossing out those who are not participating on all three copies of the scoresheet.

If a player is not crossed out on the scoresheet submitted to League officials, that player is deemed to have played the game.

To be eligible for League playoffs, players need to have played a minimum of 75% of their team’s regular season games.

Goaltenders do not need to participate in a minimum of 75% of regular season games, but they need to be properly listed on the game sheet as eligible to participate in a minimum of 75% of regular season games.

If a team has a player participate in a game that is not properly rostered on the teamsUSA Hockey roster submitted to the League and is not an eligible call up from a lower team, the team may be subject to all the following penalties:

  1. Team will forfeit their remaining games
  2. Team will not be eligible for League playoffs
  3. The head coach will be suspended from participating in League events for a calendar year
  4. The Program will be fined $500.00


Only players listed on a team’s official USA Hockey roster submitted to the SCHL are eligible to play for that team. However, in the case a team does not meet the minimum number of players to participate (6 players) they are permitted to pull up players from within their organization that are properly rostered on a SCHL team.

If a team wants to call up a player, the coach or team manager must reach out to their program President. The President will then contact SCHL officials to get approval for the call up. Once a player is approved, the head coach of the team making the call up must show the approval from the SCHL to the opposing head coach prior to the game. The player being called up must also be noted on the scoresheet submitted to SCHL.

A player is only eligible to be called up to play for a team they are not rostered on a maximum of three (3) times. Goaltenders are eligible to be call up to play for team they are not rostered on a maximum of seven (7) times.

Using the chart below, teams are only allowed to pull players from divisions that are down and/or right of the division they play in.

U14 A U14 B U14 C
U12 A U12 B U12 C
U10 A U10 B U10 C
  U8 A U8 B/C


  • U12B can pull up from U12C, U10B and U10C
  • U14C can pull up from U12C
  • U10A can pull up from U10B, U10C, U8A
  • U8A can pull up from U8B, U8C