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The South Coast Hockey League is excited to announce the Mite Madness Jamboree Series scheduled on the Studio Rink at the England Sports Village in Attleboro, MA. The Studio Rink is a unique 3/4-sized ice sheet, or mini-rink, that offers several benefits, especially for younger, developing players including increased puck touches, improved decision-making, and better defensive skills among many others.

The Jamborees are designed to provide out U8-B and U8-C team an opportunity to play on the mini-rink adding an element of fun and excitement and is a refreshing changes from the traditional half-ice games which can keep players engaged and motivated. Each team will play 4-5 Jamborees culminating in an end-of-season event that will follow a similar format.

Jamboree games will be played using the same rules that currently apply to regular half-ice games with two exceptions: Officials will be provided, and instead of two games being played at once on the ice, only one game will be played at a time. Each team will play 2-3 games per Jamboree. Gameplay rules are as follows:


  • U8 B games will be played full-ice, 4-on-4 with BLUE PUCKS
  • U8 C games will be played full-ice, 3-on-3 with BLUE PUCKS

The rink does not supply pucks, so both the home and away teams are encouraged to bring pucks for each game.

Game Protocol 

  • One official will be provided for each game.
  • The Home team will supply a timekeeper who will sound a horn every 1:30 to signal a change of players “on the fly”.  

Game Format 

  • There are NO stoppages in play, NO offsides, NO icing, NO body contact except for “protecting the puck” by the puck carrier (only the player with the puck can initiate contact).
  • Face-offs will start all games.

Game Time

  • Running Clock - 24 minutes per game 
  • The instant the horn sounds (every 1:30), all players on each team will leave the ice surface and 1.) Leave the puck exactly where it lies and 2) Exit the playing area as quickly as possible. The next four players immediately enter the playing area and try to gain possession of the puck. The puck will be dropped in the neutral zone (middle of the ice) by the referee when the first two opposite team players enter the ice.
  • If a team needs to have a player double shift, the player on the ice must skate to the bench/ boards and “tag up “to prevent an unfair playing advantage.
  • Goalies are to make the save and direct the puck to a teammate. If the goalie ties the puck up, the opposition must back off giving the goalie space to direct the puck to one of his teammates.
  •  When a goal is scored the puck remains in the net. The scoring team retreats to ½ ice to allow the scored on team to break out.
  • If the puck leaves the playing area (from deflections or shot over the boards) the supervising referee immediately throws another puck into the playing area yelling  “new puck!” and play resumes.  


  • Game scores can be kept on the scoreboard but they will not be submitted to the SCHL for official standings. All games are considered exhibitions.


  • There can be penalties but no time will be served by the player/team guilty of the infraction. All infractions result in a penalty shot taken by the player in which the infraction occurred against. The clock will not stop as two games are being played.
  •  This is a no-check game for ALL levels – the emphasis on this game is speed and skill not strength! 
  • Any fighting will result in expulsion of guilty player for the remainder of the game. Zero tolerance for fighting, intent to injure and unsportsmanlike conduct. 
  • Player injuries will require a stoppage in play and attention by the supervising referee.