Typical Game Workflow


1. Load the Game

  1. Open the GameSheet app on your iPad by tapping its icon on the home screen. 
  2. If the app is requesting a "League iPad Access Key", enter the SCHL key: "ipad-schlsfab" and tap "Sign-In".
  3. Tap "+ New Game" and then "Load from Schedule" .
  4. Locate your game and tap the "Load Game" button. This will download the game to the iPad and bring you back to the Games page. If you do not find your game in the schedule, tap "Back to active games" and create a new game from scratch.
  5. Touch the game to begin.
  6. We recommend downloading the game at before you leave for the rink. WiFi is required to download the game, but is not required to score the game. WiFi is then required is submit the game to the SCHL. Once the game is over, you have 24 hours to submit the game to the SCHL.



2. Confirm Lineups

Team rosters are downloaded when the game is loaded, so coaches should only need to make updates specific to the game's lineup.

  1. Tap either "Visitor Lineup" or "Home Lineup" on the left side to load the team's lineup.
  2. Pass the iPad to the coach/manager and instruct them set their lineup.
    • When the lineup is correct, the coaches must sign before returning the iPad.
    • Editing of players and coaches can be done by tapping the content you'd like to edit and following the prompts.
    • Players can be set to Starting, Playing, Sitting Out, Injured, or Suspended by tapping on their status.
  3. Verify that there are no errors displayed beside the Home and Visitor Lineup page titles. If the orange Error button is displayed, tap on it to review the error.
    • Repeat these steps for both the Home and the Visitor lineup pages.





3. Score the Game

The pre-game setup is now complete and the iPad should be given to the Scorekeeper.

  1. Tap "Game Details" on the left side.
  2. Fill in any missing details and confirm the period lengths are correct.
  3. Tap "Scoring" on the left side to enter the game scoring page. 
  4. Enter the "Start Time", e.g. 7:01PM, and tap "Start Game" when the puck is dropped.
  5. Record the game's events.




4. Post Game

  1. When the game is over, verify there are no errors on the Scoring page (shown in the top right) and tap " End Game" in the top right corner. This will load the Officials / Post Game page. 
  2. Verify that there are no errors displayed in the top right corner of the Post Game / Officials page. If the orange Error icon is displayed, tap the icon and then tap on the error to make the necessary adjustments. Warnings should be reviewed, but do not need to be addressed to upload the game.
    • Give the iPad to the referees to complete the Officials / Post Game page and sign .
    • Referees are expected to:
      • Add themselves to the game by tapping "+ Add Referee".
      • Review the penalties and confirm the codes and lengths have been correctly recorded. If any penalties are incorrectly recorded, the referee may edit them directly by tapping the "Edit" button above the penalties table.
      • Add notes to major and misconduct penalties (if instructed to do so by the league).
      • Sign.
      • Lock the game by tapping "Lock Game" button.
  3. After the referee has locked the game the app will return to the Games page and a blue icon will appear to the right of the game. Tap the blue icon to upload the game. Once uploaded the game will disappear from the Active games list, the league will have a copy of the game, the website will be updated and the managers and coaches of both teams will have been sent a copy of the scoresheet via email.