Tips and Best Practice ideas for getting the most out of GameSheet


  1. Create or Load games on the iPad only when needed. 
    • Regardless of whether the games are being created from a "Schedule" or from "Scratch", it is best to load the games only when it is time to play.  
    • When a game is created, it pulls the latest roster from the Dashboard.  
    • Any changes made on the Dashboard after that are not reflected on the iPad. 
  2. Don’t leave the rink without your email copy of the score sheet. 
    • As soon as a completed game is uploaded, team managers and coaches with GameSheet accounts receive a Post Game Email with links to the score sheet and box score. 
    • You would never leave the rink without a copy of your paper score sheet, the same applies here!
  3. Create Individual Dashboard accounts. 
    • Create Individual Dashboard accounts. 
    • Each coach / manager should have their own account.
    • You can have multiple teams associated with 1 account, here's how: 
    • Accept Invitation: Only give the Invitation Code to team staff, Not Parents
  4. Set your iPad to "Enable Automatic Updates"    
    • From time to time, GameSheet does update the Scoring app. It is always best to be using the latest version of the scoring app,
    • If you have not enabled automatic updates, please check regularly for updates.   They only take a few seconds to install and can be done even with an active game.
    • Here is a good article on manually updating the app.
  5. Enable Live Scoring when the game starts. 
    • When you enable live scoring the game will immediately appear on your league / event website, so don’t go live until the game is starting. 
  6. Connect the iPad to a Phone Hot Spot. 
    • Your phone can act as a wireless network for the iPad so you can live score games even in arenas without WiFI. 
    • Live scoring uses very little data and the fans and parents at home will appreciate it. More info