Add / Verify Your Roster

Now that you have a GameSheet account and you've logged into the Dashboard website, you're ready to set up your team's roster. Here are the steps to get started with roster management: 

  1. Follow the links down from Association, to League, to Season, to Season Teams and click on your team. 
  2. If your team's roster is already loaded, review the roster and make any necessary edits. You can edit the basic player / coach information displayed by clicking on it. You can edit a player's full profile by clicking the Actions button and then Extended Player Attributes.
  3. If your team's roster has not been loaded, you may add players one at a time using the + New Player button, you can import your roster from a CSV/Excel file, or the USA Hockey Registry



Editing an Existing Roster

Via the Dashboard Website

From the Team Roster page:

  1. Click / Tap on the name of the player you'd like to update. This will allow you to edit.
  2. With edit mode now engaged, click / tap on the field you want to change.
  3. Make the desired changes.
  4. Click / Tap the "Save" button.




Via the iPad Scoring App

From the Home/Visitor Lineup page:

  1. Tap "Check for Update" to see the latest version of your team's roster
  2. Tap on a player's number to edit
    1. Number changes will have the option of saving the change to the roster for future games, or "for this game only."
  3. Tap on a player / coach's status to change from Playing, to SuspendedSitting Out, or Injured
  4. Tap "Duty" to add a captaincy role
  5. Tap "Position" to change a player or coach's position
  6. Add new players, affiliate players coaches using the "+ Add Coach," "+ Add Player" or "+ Add Affiliate Player" buttons.


Managing Affiliated Players

In GameSheet, each player on a team's roster has a Status of either Regular or Affiliated

  • Regular players default to Playing in the iPad Scoring app.
  • Affiliated players default to Sitting Out in the iPad Scoring app.
  • Affiliated player's are denoted as "AP" on the scoresheet. 

How to Update a Player's Status

From the Team Roster page:

  1. Click / Tap on the status of the player you'd like to update. This will engage the edit mode.
  2. With edit mode now engaged, click / tap again on the status.
  3. Select the desired status from the drop down. 
  4. Click / Tap the "Save" button.