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South Coast Hockey League

SCHL COVID-19: Return to Play

By League, 09/20/20, 8:00PM EDT



SCHL COVID-19: Return to Play


The South Coast Hockey League (SCHL) and our member programs are proud to announce that our inaugural season will proceed as scheduled. On August 6th USA Hockey announced they will sanction hockey for the 2020-2021 season. Medical expects, in conjunction with USA Hockey, have confirmed that with taking appropriate precautions, it is safe to play hockey. As we navigate our way through these difficult times together, the SCHL is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all players, coaches, officials, and spectators.

With games set to kick off on Friday, September 25th we want to share some important details regarding the season. Since the guidelines surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic are ever-changing we have decided to schedule a 4-game parity round that will run through November 1. These games will be played in accordance with USA Hockey rules and will observe SCHL's COVID-19 gameplay modifications, which have been created to abide by the guidelines established by Mass Hockey and RI Hockey. Due to the MA travel order, RI teams are not allowed to cross the border to play MA teams and vice versa. This has forced us to schedule MA teams to only play other MA teams and RI teams to only play other RI teams. Our hope is that by the time the parity round is complete, the travel ban between MA and RI will be lifted, and we can proceed with regular season gameplay.

It is important that before you travel to a rink, you review their COVID-19 regulations. Each rink is responsible for implementing and enforcing their own COVID-19 regulations to comply with state and local governments. Certain rinks may require a waiver to be completed before entry while other rinks may limit spectators to one person per player. Details on specific regulations can be found on the SCHL COVID-19 rink regulations page which will be continuously updated as more information becomes available.

The SCHL Board of Directors will continue to meet on a bi-weekly basis to evaluate our COVID-19 gameplay modifications and assess our next steps. We are in uncharted territory and we appreciate everyone's patience and flexibility as we work our way into the season.

Please stay safe and healthy and we look forward to seeing everyone around the rink!