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South Coast Hockey League

SCHL COVID-19 Gameplay Procedures

The below modifications shall be implemented for all SCHL events in accordance with state and local governments, Mass Hockey, RI Hockey, and USA Hockey requirements. These modifications will be used for all SCHL events between September 25 - November 1. The SCHL Board of Directors will reevaluate each modification and update as necessary for subsequent rounds of games. These modifications are temporary measures to accommodate COVID-19 regulations. When state and local governments allow, all games will revert to the traditional format.


  • All SCHL games will be played per USA Hockey rules
  • Warm-up: 3 minutes
  • Period Length (all divisions, all age levels): two stop time 20-minute halves
  • Teams will defend the same goal for the entire game (no switching sides after intermission).
  • Home teams will wear dark jerseys and away teams will wear white jerseys. If a team only has one color jersey it is the responsibility of the coach to notify the opposing team prior to the game. It is recommended that teams bring both colored jerseys to games.
  • Scorekeeper will be provided by home team
  • SCHL scoresheets will be provided to coaches. Upon completion of the game both teams are required to send a picture of completed scoresheet to:



  • Coaches and volunteers are required to wear a face covering on bench.
  • Mass Hockey: Players are required to wear a face covering on the bench.
  • RI Hockey: Players to maximize social distancing (6') or wear face coverings while not in play (on the bench) for extended periods of times. Not intended when there will be frequent line changes.
  • Goalies are not required to wear a face covering while they are in the game. If they are on the bench, they would be required to wear a face covering.
  • Player are required to wear helmets and gloves at all times while on the ice and bench to avoid skin to surface contact.
  • Players at the center position are required to wear a face covering at faceoffs. This is limited to the player taking the draw and is no longer required once the draw in completed. Mass Hockey teams only. RI Hockey teams are exempt per state guidelines.
  • Body checking will NOT be allowed in SCHL games. If someone performs a body check, they will be penalized by an official.
  • Only (1) player per team is allowed in the penalty box. If there are simultaneous penalties for the same team, the second player must serve the entire penalty from the players bench and is ineligible to play until their penalty has expired.
  • Deliberate physical contact with an opponent is not allowed outside of incidental contact that may occur as a result of legal play for the puck.
  • Referees will minimize player’s deliberate close contact at faceoffs by social distancing player prior to the drop of the puck.
  • Referees will minimize player’s deliberate close contact with quicker stoppages of play than traditional games to limit scrums and close intermittent contact.
  • Water bottles will not be shared.
  • There will be no handshake line after the game. Teams have the option to line up on the blue line and “stick salute" if they desire, but it is not required.



  • All spectators must adhere to each rink facilities respective COVID-19 guidelines. Please visit Rink COVID-19 Regulations for more information.
  • Locker room availability varies per rink. Please visit Rink COVID-19 Regulations for more information.
  • Showering is not allowed.
  • All personal hockey equipment is prohibited from being shared.
  • Spectators must be 14 feet from the edge of the rink where there is no solid barrier to the ice surface.
  • Contact tracing protocol must be adhered to per state, local, CDC requirements.


Officials Guidelines

  • Click here for the guidelines Officials need to abide by in all SCHL games.


These guidelines are to be followed as listed on September 25, 2020