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South Coast Hockey League


The SCHL will be hosting our Parity Season between September 5 - September 17. The parity season allows the SCHL to evaluate if teams have been placed in the proper divisions, and adjust as necessary - limiting the amount of lopsided scores throughout the season. Each team will play between three and six 30-minute run time games giving teams a chance to play more opponents over the course of the short parity season.


  • All SCHL games will be played per USA Hockey rules.
  • Only SCHL rostered players are eligible to participate in games.
  • No timeouts allowed.
  • No overtime. If a game is tied after regulation, it will end in a draw.


  • Warmup: 3-minutes
  • Period: all games play one 30-minute running time period
  • Game Over: Exit ice immediately
  • Penalties:
    • Minor: 2-minutes
    • Major: 5-minutes
    • Misconduct: 10-minutes


  • Home team = dark jersey
  • Away team = white jerseys.
    • If a team only has one color jersey, it is the responsibility of the coach to notify the opposing team prior to the game.
    • It is recommended that teams bring both colored jerseys to games.


  • Scorekeeper will be provided by the home team.
  • All games should be scored using the GameSheet iPad app. Instructions on how to use system can be found HERE.
  • Upon completion of the game please submit the scoresheet through the GameSheet app.
  • If your team doesn't have access to an iPad, ask the away team to use theirs. If the away team doesn't have an iPad, you will be allowed to use the traditional paper scoresheet.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the parity season and why do we do it?
    • The parity season is a series of preseason games that has two goals: (1) confirm that all teams have been placed in the proper division. If it is clear a team does not belong in a division, the league will move them up or down, (2) allows teams to knock the rust off before regular season play starts.
  • Do the games count towards regular season standings?
    • The parity games do not count towards regular season standings.
  • Who determines what teams move divisions?
    • The SCHL has created a Competition Committee comprised of one representative from each member program. The Competition Committee will review the results of each game, discuss, and vote on which teams need to move divisions.
  • Why are the games only 30-minutes?
    • We adopted the abbreviated game format for parity to help maximize the amount of opponents each team can play in the short preseason. 
  • Will our regular season games be the same 30-minute format?
    • No, regular season games will use the standard 3 period system (2 halves for U18). Exact rules for each division can be found HERE
  • Dates?
    • U18: Sep 5 -  Sep 10 (2-4 games)
    • U14: Sep 5 - Sep 10 (2-4 games)
    • U12: Sep 5 - Sep 17 (3-6 games)
    • U10: Sep 5 - Sep 17 (3-6 games)
    • U8A: Sep 5 - Sep 17 (3-6 games)