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South Coast Hockey League

Player of the Week

Every week the SCHL will name one player from each division as the Player of the Week. It might not always be the best player or the player that's scored the most goals that weekend - it could be a player that made a great defensive play to save the game, or a player that had a very strong game but they didn't record any points.

Coaches are encouraged to nominate a player each game in the 'Player of the Game' section on the scoresheet.

SCHL will also select one player to be named the SCHL Player of the Week who will receive a special gift from the league.

October 13 - October 19

Division Player Team
U8 A Ryland Windsor Jr Bears White
U10 A Declan Hart Jr Blues
U10 B Lyle Pavoni Jr Rams
U10 C Declan Farrell Wave
U12 A Nolan Grant Jr Bears
U12 A2 Thomas Fournier Broncos
U12 B Cameron Cucinotta Vikings
U12 C Ryan Breese Vikings
U14 A Connor Gillmore Jr Rams
U14 B G. Callahan Mariners
U14 C Corey Cohle Devils Red
U18 A Lucas Hemond Wave
U18 B Colin Lord Chiefs