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South Coast Hockey League

SCHL Selects

What is SCHL Selects?

SCHL Selects is a tournament team made up of the top talent in the South Coast Hockey League. With a team at each birth year, SCHL Selects provides the best players in the league with an opportunity to play a higher level of hockey at an affordable price, while continuing to play for their regular SCHL team.

We are excited to showcase the talent we have in the SCHL and help our players learn, grow, and play the game of hockey, all while proving town hockey can compete with AAA teams across the region.

Everything you need to know


Who is eligible to tryout?

  • Any player currently rostered on only an SCHL team is eligible to tryout. It doesn't matter if you are on an A, B, or C team, we want to see you at tryouts! Dual rostered players that play on other AAA teams are ineligible.

If I make an SCHL Selects team do I stop playing for my full-season team?

  • No! The SCHL Selects season will be supplemental to your full-season SCHL team. You will play on both teams, and if a conflict arises where your SCHL team has a game at the same time as a Selects game, you will have to play in your regular season SCHL game.

How many games do the Select teams play and will there be practices?

  • Each Selects team will play a minimum of 10 games - in tournaments or against AAA teams across New England. There will be no practices. SCHL Selects will only play games.

How much does it cost?

  • The tryout fee is $20. If you are selected for the team, the tuition will be $250. Tuition will cover jerseys/socks that players can keep, tournament fees, and ice costs. If a team has two goalies, each will pay half tuition.

When are tryouts?

  • 2008 birth year: November 11th at Cranston Vets (Bubble)​​​​
  • 2009 birth year: November 11th at Cranston Vets (Bubble)
  • 2010 birth year: November 10th at Cranston Vets (Bubble)
  • 2011 birth year: November 11th at Cranston Vets (Bubble)
  • 2012 birth year: November 10th at Cranston Vets (Bubble)

How will tryouts work?

  • After a short warmup, the players will be divided into two teams and will scrimmage for the remainder of the session. SCHL has hired a small group of independent evaluators made up of former professional and college players to decide which players will make the team.

How many players will make the team?

  • Each team will consist of 17 players - 9 forwards, 6 defenseman, 2 goalies.

Who is coaching the team?

  • We are looking for coaches! If interested, please reach out to